2024-07 Multisystem Mobile Corrosion Unit

Due: July 2, 2024

OBJECTIVE: The objective of this topic is to create a deployable solution for the Army’s major corrosion issue, to be able to repair in austere environments while out in the field.
DESCRIPTION: The Letterkenny Army Depot (LEAD) has requirements to deploy a mobile corrosion unit that has the following capabilities: laser ablation, corrosion preventative coating application (primer, polyurea, topcoat), cold spray (dragonfly), plasma blast, welding, sander/blaster, and all supporting equipment/power requirements. Deliverables must include a reliable supply chain for the maintenance and replacement of parts through normal wear and tear as well as an operator training plan. Any solution must include the integrated technologies as part of a deployable, ruggedized system that is able to operate in an austere environment.