2024-05 Civic Innovation Challenge

April 11, 2024 0

Due: May 1, 2024 The Civic Innovation Challenge (CIVIC) is a research and action competition that accelerates the transition to practice of foundational research and emerging technologies into communities through civic-engaged research. By addressing priorities Read More


April 11, 2024 0

Due: May 2, 2024 Helicopter forward arming and refueling point (FARP) operations are inefficient, resulting in extended periods of aircraft unavailability, leaving ground combat teams without support — putting them in tremendous danger. And, the Read More

2024-04 Strategic Technology Office (STO) Office-wide

April 11, 2024 0

Due: April 30, 2024 DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office (STO) is seeking innovative ideas and disruptive technologies that provide the U.S. military and national security leaders trusted, disruptive capabilities to win in all physical domains (Air, Read More

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