How To Engage

NTA is the nation’s only trusted innovation-focused membership organization charged with accelerating commercialization opportunities aligned with national technology priorities.  NTA’s parent non-profit is backed by over $50 billion in federal prototype funding authority, have existing partnership programs with all U.S. funding agencies, and have supported technology acceleration programs across every industry sector.  NTA does not manage technology scouting contracts, take equity in any deal-flow, or directly manage government contracting.  NTA instead provides an unbiased and credible community to support our national innovation initiatives.  

NTA Direct Engagement

  • Innovation Providers – NTA Membership: Whether you are an academic or industry researcher, a startup entrepreneur, an investor or licensing professional, or are engaged in supporting technology transition in any manner, expand your pipeline of opportunities; and Join NTA today!
  • Innovation Providers – Catalyst Partners: If your organization represents portfolios of innovators (TTOs, incubators, accelerators, associations), apply to be an NTA Catalyst Partner, and let NTA provide a pipeline of opportunities and support for your solution providers!
  • Innovation Seekers – Catalyst Partners: If your organization represents pipelines of technology needs or requirements  (PIAs, OTAs, government funders, foundations), apply to be an NTA Catalyst Partner, and let NTA promote your technology needs to the nation’s innovation ecosystem!

External Partner Support

  • Innovation Scouting Services: NTA does not provide technology scouting services; however, NTA is partnered with the 25+ year deep-tech scouting team at TechConnect to support more in-depth prospecting requests.  If you are interested in running technology sprints, challenges, prize competitions, pitch events or landscaping programs, please contact TechConnect directly: Nick Kacsandi, VP Business Development, TechConnect division, ATI, 216-408-8009)
  • Government Contract/Financial Management: NTA does not provide government contract or financial management services, however, NTA’s parent non-profit Advanced Technology International (ATI) is the nation’s largest singular funder of early-stage technologies, managing over 20 purpose-built technology consortia and over $50 billion in prototype contracting authority for federal customers. If you are interested in exploring how NTA and ATI can support your agency or office’s contract management needs, please contact ATI directly: Elaine Sumera, VP Business Development, ATI, 843-760-4612)

Engagement Questions: If you have more questions on how to engage directly with NTA, please contact us today!