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Accelerating National Innovation

NTA is the leading innovation-focused membership organization that provides an inclusive ecosystem with a sustainable infrastructure in the U.S. to support the success of our country’s diverse innovators in alignment with national priorities. This is the connection point for funding organizations to find the next great private sector innovations to invest in or commercialize, and innovators to get their technology to the world. It’s free to join, so sign up today. NTA is where technology commercialization happens.

Focus Sectors Include:

  • Energy & Sustainability
  • Biotech & Medical
  • Microelectronics
  • Advanced Materials
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Advanced Communications
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • AI & Digital Transformation

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Join NTA

Join our trusted community at no cost and no commission to gain access to the largest pipeline of private-sector innovation in the U.S., addressing critical national technology needs. This community provides ongoing support for innovators and their counterparts looking to grow and commercialize their technology. Members receive access to exclusive engagements, including matchmaking and networking sessions, webinars, and training on how to be successful in working with the federal government, all aimed at getting your technology noticed and funded.​

Join the Innovation Network

Who Should Join:

  • Academic/Industry S&T Developers
  • National/Federal Labs
  • Technology Transfer Officers
  • Startups & Entrepreneurs
  • Incubator & Accelerator Cohorts
  • PIA & OTA Portfolio Members

Catalyst Partners*

Catalyst Partners

* NTA Catalyst Partners consist of both recent confirmed NTA partners and legacy TechConnect scouting and event partners.


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