2024-09 RWP-OA-24-01 Critical Sectors

Due: September 30, 2024

The DIBC Consortium Management Organization (CMO) published an open announcement (OA) for the Critical Sectors of:

Kinetic Capabilities (OA-KIN-24-01);

Energy Storage and Batteries (OA-BES-24-01);

Castings and Forgings (OA-CF-24-01);

Strategic and Critical Materials (OA-SCM-24-01);

Microelectronics (OA-MIC-24-01);

Workforce Development (OA-WFD-24-01).

This opportunity requires membership in the Defense Industrial Base Consortium (DIBC). This Consortium releases numerous opportunities throughout the year, so even if this one may not be right for you, we strongly encourage you to join the consortium, so you are ready for the next opportunity. 

Complete the form below and a program representative will reach out to you shortly to support you through the process.

Contact DIBC: RWP-OA-24-01 Critical Sectors