Waste To Energy Solutions

Anticipated Release Date: April 2024

NSWC – Crane is researching the development of working prototypes to innovative solutions and technologies to reduce waste and processes in a way that makes disposal both useful and safe.  Waste-to-Energy innovation should also eliminate burn pit effect on climate, which remains a top DOD priority, as well as mitigate the significant safety hazard for both service members and waste handling personnel. There is a significant operational need to address waste disposal and waste to energy systems at the detachment (50 personnel or less) and small force (15 personnel or less) levels of operation, where most expeditionary operations occur.

This effort will address two sizes of working prototypes: (a) 15 person or less (expeditionary unit) waste to energy solution at a Technology Readiness Level 6 (TRL 6) capability, OR (b) 50-person (Platoon) or less camp waste to energy solution at a TRL 6 capability. Both sized waste to energy solutions will be mobile, robust, ruggedized, standardized, and can be effectively transported, supported, and operated by service members without additional support.  Prototypes should accept and process all waste produced by the units and not require sorting of waste or very limited sorting, i.e. for metals. Energy forms produced may include but are not limited to electrical generation, water heating, and or syngas/syngas equivalents. If the vendor prototypes meet the criteria outlined, a follow-on option may be awarded to test and demonstrate the prototypes at a location to be determined by the government.

Responding to this opportunity requires membership in the Expeditionary Missions Consortium. This Consortium releases numerous solicitations throughout the year, so even if this opportunity may not end up being right for you, we strongly encourage you to join, so you are ready for the next opportunity. 

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