Due: 2024-02 U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation Opportunities

DUE: February 28, 2024

SON Title:
RED-003: Tools & Methodologies to Enable Automation of Testing for Components of Cyber-Physical Systems
RED-004: Tools for Vulnerability Assessment of Cyber-Physical Systems
RED-005: Non-Internet Protocol (IP) Traffic Generation
RED-006: Controlled Reception Pattern Antennas (CRPA) Synthetic GPS Environment
RED-007: Pressure Sensitive Paint Camera
RED-008: Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to Underwater Sensor Communications
RED-009: Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to Underwater Sensor Communications
RED-010: T&E Technologies for Reusable Supersonic/Hypersonic Systems
RED-011: Hypersonic Optical Sensor HWIL Testing
RED-012: Next-Generation Arc Heater
RED-013: T&E Ground Test Capabilities and Correlation Methodologies to support Hypersonic Air-breathing, boost-glide & Interceptor Sys Development
RED-014: Independent Tracking of Hypersonic Flight Vehicles
RED-015: Range Surveillance and Clearance UAS Capability
RED-016: Test Selection Optimization for Large Operational Tests with Many AI-Enabled Systems
RED-017: Test and Evaluation Framework for Machine Learning
RED-018: Testing & Evaluating “Generative AI” (gAI) Models – DoD gAI Test Harness
RED-019: Enhance Tracking and Understanding of Field Testing with Many AI-Enabled Systems
RED-020: Provide Automated Test and Evaluation Tools for Identifying or Predicting Undesired Behavior by AI-Enabled Systems
RED-021: Providing Tactical Edge Data for Autonomous & AI Systems Testing within a Virtual Environment
RED-022: Provide Automated Test and Evaluation Tools for Identifying or Predicting Undesired Behavior by AI-Enabled Systems
RED-023: Data Collector Technologies Supporting Next Generation Battle Networks
RED-024: Mission Engineering for Joint and Combined Mission Threads Test and Evaluation
RED-025: Advanced Analytics for Testing Systems Implementing AI/ML for Mission C4I/C2
RED-026: High-Fidelity Modeling and Simulation for Representation of Systems, Communications, and Environments
RED-027: Atmospheric Absorption Coefficient Measurement
RED-028: Target Imagery with Active Adaptive Optics
RED-029: Aerosol Content Along Beam Path (Measurement & Modeling)
RED-030: High Fidelity Atmospheric Characterization Toolbox
RED-031: Advanced Threat Testing and Analysis Capability (ATTAC)
RED-032: Modernizing White Sands Missile Range’s (WSMR’s) Narrow Band Threat Sources (MNBTS)
RED-033: Free Flyer HPM Beam Data Acquisition System for ≥5 Gigahertz and ≥1500 Meters—Maritime (FFHM)
RED-034: X-Band High Power Microwave Chamber Source
RED-035: Moderate High Power Microwave (HPM) X-Band Source with High Pulse Repetition Frequency
RED-036: High Power Microwave Damage Assessment (HAD) Sensor for Testing of Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD) Targets
RED-037: High Power Microwave (HPM) Instrumentation for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Target
RED-038: Gigahertz Transverse Electromagnetic Cell X-band Driver (GTEMX)
RED-039: Upper Ku-Band Test Source for Chamber (UKuBTSC)
RED-040: High Power Microwave (HPM) Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Explosives Instrumentation
RED-041: Distributed Aperture Controls Base Station (DACBS)
RED-042: X-Band Source for Ship Hazard of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO) Testing
RED-043: Low Jitter Switches to support a Transportable High Altitude Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse Test Capability (LJSHEMP)
RED-044: Vertical Electro-Magnetic Pulse System Upgrade (VEMPSU)
RED-045: Data Acquisition and Processing System (DAS) to Support the Navy’s Future Low-Level Continuous Wave Illumination (LLCWI) Ship Demonstration
RED-046: Linear Bi-directional Power Amplifier for 5G Cellular Telemetry
RED-047: Virtually Instantiated Mission Environment (VIME)
RED-048: Multi-Flare Projector Sub-System
RED-049: Combat Systems Hardware in the Loop
RED-050: Clutter Enhancement Capability for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HITL) Test and Evaluation of Missile Warning Systems
RED-051: Advanced Sensor Test Capability/Cryo Rate Large Aperture Zoom Collimator
RED-052: Two-Color Infrared Scene Projector
RED-053: Fifth Generation Advanced Active Electronically-Scanned Array (AESA) Aperture (AAA) Technology
RED-054: Real-Time, High-Fidelity Radio Frequency (RF) Scene Generation
RED-055: Cognitive Leading-edge Electronic Attack (CogLEA) Prototype
RED-056: Closed-loop, High-power Active-electronically-scanned-array C-band (CHAC)
RED-058: Threat Environment Software-Defined Apertures (TESA)
RED-059: Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Enabled Rapid Electronic Warfare (EW) Model Development
RED-060: Evaluation of Cognitive Electronic Warfare (EW) Characterization
RED-061: X-band Solid-state Transmitter (XSTX)
RED-062: Advanced Triad Antenna Module (ATAM)
RED-063: Predictive Chaff Model (PCM)
RED-064: Exquisite Information for Modeling and Simulation
RED-066: Open-Air Edge Identification of Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS) Events
RED-068: Expandable Active Decoy Model (EADM)
RED-070: 5th Gen Synthetic Friendly and Foe Inject to Multi-Domain Live and Constructive Participants

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