2024-03 Counter WMD Innovation Challenge

Due: March 28, 2024

Counter WMD Innovation Challenge and $50K Prize

Enter your innovation for a chance to pitch and win funding from a $50,000 award at TechConnect World, furnished by Advanced Technology International (ATI) and the Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction (CWMD) Consortium. Up to 25 finalists will pitch on-stage before a panel of judges to include federal funders, consortium managers, investors, and private corporations as well as a broader audience of attendees from the conference.

Areas of Interest:

  • PROTECTION: Self detoxification, CB suits, hoots/masks, chemical resistance materials, rope & fabrics, portable patient transport, isolation/quarantine systems, decontamination systems, etc.
  • PREVENTION (EB/IEW): CBRN Situational awareness/response through Software, VR, sensors, command/control systems, wearables, handhelds, sequencing systems, communication systems, etc.
  • DETECTION: Indicator technologies for vapor/aerosol hazards, wearable sensors, sensor systems, autonomous/robotic platforms, etc.