Advanced Manufacturing Challenge

February 28, 2023 0

Due: March 31, 2023 Join the nation’s largest Advanced Manufacturing Acceleration program, connecting top fabrication technologies aligned with our nation’s most critical challenges from the Navy Manufacturing Technology Program (ManTech). Pitch your technical project proposal Read More

The University of Konstanz Develops Biodegradable Polyester

February 28, 2023 0

Researchers at the University of Konstanz have developed a biodegradable polyester with properties comparable to those of high-density polyethylene (HDPE).  HDPE’s thermoplastic properties arise from the internal structure of its molecular, hydrocarbon chains,  which are Read More

Health Tech and Space Sprint

February 27, 2023 0

Due: April 20, 2023 A famous actor, who portrayed a futuristic space captain and later became an actual astronaut, once described space as the final frontier. From exploration and research to manufacturing and potential off-world Read More

Novel Coatings For Smart Surfaces

February 22, 2023 0

Due: March 24, 2023 Smart surfaces react to external forces such as light, heat or pressure. These surfaces can, for example, change texture, color or shape depending on the intensity, duration and location of the Read More

Innovative Systems For Medical Gas Usage

February 22, 2023 0

Due: March 24, 2023 Whether for utilization of equipment or for patient care efforts, the usage of medical gases such as carbon dioxide, helium, oxygen, or nitrogen, is vital in medical and dental settings. To Read More

Innovations In 3D Bioprinting

February 22, 2023 0

Due: March 24, 2023 Much like additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has revolutionized industrial fabrication, 3D bioprinting has a similar potential in the medical field. Bioprinting allows for the restoration of damaged tissues and organs, Read More

High Performance Polymers For Oil And Gas Applications

February 22, 2023 0

Due: March 24, 2023 The refinement and distillation of crude oil into functional materials requires complex chemical processing and infrastructure. The equipment for chemical processing is increasingly shifting from metal to non-metal materials in the Read More

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