2024-08 Advancing HIV service delivery through pharmacies and pharmacists

Due: August 13, 2024

The purpose of this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) is to solicit research designed to capacitate, transform, and scale the delivery of HIV testing, prevention, and care services through pharmacists and pharmacies in US and/or global settings. This includes theadvancement of training curricula to enable pharmacy students, pharmacists, pharmacies, and pharmacy systems to deliver the spectrum of needed HIV services with ease, equity, and effectiveness. This NOFO uses the R01 grant mechanism, while RFA-MH-25-186 uses the R21 mechanism. Projects that lack preliminary data or that propose to pilot a novel intervention may be most appropriate for the R21 mechanism. Applications with preliminary data and those proposing large-scale clinical trials or longitudinal analyses should consider using the R01 mechanism.