2024-07 Development of novel 5G Open RAN (Radio Access Networks) xApp and rApp Applications Open Topic

Due: July 9, 2024

OBJECTIVE: The Department of Defense (DoD) is seeking the development and demonstration of xApps and/or rApps focused on security and security related network measurement. DoD anticipates increasing reliance on 5G and FutureG OpenRAN networks, and needs tools and techniques that will enhance the security and resilience of these networks. As 5G networks facilitate a wider array of services and accommodate an ever-increasing number of connected devices, they become prime targets for sophisticated cyber-attacks. These networks provide an open communication surface through which devices and base stations can be exposed to hostile cellular activities, interference, and both known and unknown vulnerabilities that exist within the protocol standards. There is an emerging recognition of opportunities presented by the xApp and rApp framework to increase the trustworthiness and reliability of OpenRAN networks from malicious activities. By providing detailed insights into network performance and security metrics, these applications can enable a more nuanced understanding of the network’s security posture, and can help mitigate a wide range of potential attacks. The primary use case is in support of DoD network operators, owners, and users who depend upon reliable and trustworthy network communications in support of various DoD missions.