2024-05 EMC²: RFS 24-06 Uncrewed Systems (UXS) Experimentation and Demonstration Event

Due: May 13, 2024

NSWC – Crane is seeking novel air and maritime UXS to perform in a test and demonstration event in September 2024 in the Pacific Northwest. UXS are now a constant factor in warfare, and lessons learned from current events have shown that current UXS have a critical place in warfighting in all domains with constant expanding roles and missions. Near-peer adversary nations are rapidly incorporating robust UXS capabilities into their military formations, and non-state actors are using multi-domain UXS to increase their asymmetric advantage. Soon cross-domain UXS will gain popularity and create effects in more than one domain with a single platform. These threats are advanced, coordinated, lethal, and low-cost-and they can be employed in formations of scalable size that communicate and coordinate in real-time while posing low risk to the employing force. They can also be autonomous, which enhances the threat’s inherent resilience to jamming due to lack of or minimal external communications, making them even more effective both in the battlespace and outside it.

Responding to this opportunity requires membership in the Expeditionary Missions Consortium. This Consortium releases numerous solicitations throughout the year, so even if this opportunity may not end up being right for you, we strongly encourage you to join, so you are ready for the next opportunity. 

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