2024-05 Data Access Alternatives: Artificial Intelligence Supported Interfaces

Due: May 17, 2024

The key objective of this effort is to create and test machine-learning-backed or “artificial intelligence” (AI)-backed user experiences with federal statistical data. This experience shall improve on the current state of user interactions based on obtaining answers to questions via search engines or emailing federal staff or contractors. This project seeks to develop and pilot an AI chat bot (or the like) that answers users text queries submitted via an interface. Answers should be obtained from public statistical data of federal statistical agencies in this project.

This opportunity does not require membership in America’s Datahub Consortium. However, if you win, you have to become a member of ADC (at no cost) to accept. This Consortium releases numerous opportunities throughout the year, so even if this one may not be right for you, we strongly encourage you to join the consortium, so you are ready for the next opportunity. 

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