Due: 2024-03 NIDA Animal Genomics Program

Due: March 4, 2024

The purpose of the NIDA Animal Genetics Program is to identify genetic, genomic, and molecular (epi)genetic variants that underlie: 1. Phenotypes associated with addictive behaviors and/or vulnerability to distinct stages along the substance use disorder (SUD) trajectory (e.g. initial/acute use, escalation of use, acquisition of tolerance, dependence, uncontrolled use, abstinence and relapse or recovery); 2. Behaviors associated with SUD (e.g. impulsivity, novelty seeking, delayed discounting, and other genetically-associated phenotypes); and 3. Comorbidities that demonstrate genetic correlations with phenotypes and behaviors linked with SUD (e.g. anxiety, stress, poor maternal care, social defeat, and other paradigms).