Due: August 23, 2023

Multiple requirements under the AMTC technology areas of Guides Missile, Aviation, and Manufacturing & Enabling/Disruptive Technologies.

Requirement  Prototype Requirement Title
AV-23-05-02Prototype Advanced Range Instrumentation Systems and Data Fusion
AV-23-05-03Prototype Tetherless Range Instrumentation Pods (TRIP)
AV-23-05-05Cyber Mission Assurance for RDT&E
GM-23-05-02Advance Technology Integration – Detroit (ATI-D)
GM-23-05-04Test and Evaluation of Disruptive Kinetic and non-Kinetic Effects
GM-23-05-07Warhead Replacement Telemetry Packs
GM-23-05-08Payload of Maneuvering Submunition Prototypes for Multiple Launch Rocket System Family of Munitions (MFOM ) Missiles
GM-23-05-09Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) For Missile Components
GM-23-05-10Virtual Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor (LTAMDS) Emulator Prototypes
GM-23-05-12Foreign and Domestic Missile and Threat high-fidelity and campaign-level prototype collaborative computing and analysis environment
GM-23-05-13Beam Control Initiative (BCI)
GM-23-05-14Directed Energy Enabling Technologies (DEETs)
GM-23-05-15Test Assets and Capabilities Prototype Framework
GM-23-05-16HWIL Prototype Technology Development and Deployment
MED-23-05-04Hypersonic Glide Body/Thermal Protection System and High Temperature Seek Window and Arrays for Next Generation Hypersonic Efforts

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