Consumer Safe Compounds With Improved Sporicidal Performance

Due: September 7, 2023

  1. Reckitt is seeking innovative new compounds that deliver improved sporicidal performance, while remaining safe and easy for consumer use. Current approaches for spore eradication, such as sodium hypochlorite, are effective but generally require a higher safety classification. We are interested in new methods for delivering the best disinfection performance and maintaining our commitment to the safest consumer experience.
  2. Protecting consumers from as many current and emerging pathogens as possible, while delivering a superior consumer experience, is Reckitt’s goal. To achieve this, we are interested in learning more about new methods and technologies to tackle the full spectrum of microorganisms that adversely impact human health, up to and including bacterial spores.
  3. Must-haves:
    • Efficacy against bacterial spores and the rest of the microorganism hierarchy
    • Efficacious within a reasonable timeframe for consumers – contact time needs to be 30 seconds to 5 minutes, with a preference for shorter times
    • Safe for consumer use – no protective equipment required
    • Stable formula – desired shelf stability of at least two years
    • Delivers, can be formulated to deliver, or is compatible with additional benefits to the consumer experience, such as:
      • Adding shine to surfaces
      • Pleasant fragrance
      • Malodor control
      • Dry misting format
      • Long-lasting protection
    • Suitability for multiple product formats and packaging, such as sprays, wipes, aerosols, dilutable detergents, etc.
    • Excellent cradle to grave sustainability profile
    Technologies that cannot currently demonstrate consumer safety data or shelf stability data are still of interest, provided that evidence of ongoing qualification work in those areas can be demonstrated. 
    Reckitt is primarily interested in approaches that are close to commercial readiness or that have samples available for evaluation. However, all technologies that can provide data indicating sporicidal performance are of interest, regardless of current technical maturity, if a pathway to commercialization exists.
    Reckitt is strongly interested in substances suitable for usage in an aerosol container but will also consider effective technologies intended for other delivery mechanisms including, but not limited to, wipes, diffusers, and manual spray bottles. Approaches that can be adapted for multiple delivery mechanisms are preferred.
    Furthermore, Reckitt is open to approaches originating from both industry and academia. In your proposal, please indicate how you prefer to engage with us. Reckitt will work with selected respondents to determine the optimal relationship for both parties.
  4. What’s out of scope
    • Substances banned by any governmental authority (e.g. triclosan)
    • Products without scientific data to support performance claims
    • Substances without a clear pathway to regulatory approval in at least one jurisdiction
    • Chemicals deemed to be toxic, carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic, corrosive or harmful for the environment
  5. Reckitt can offer access to a broad range of capabilities and expertise, including in areas such as formulation, testing, packaging, regulatory compliance, and product supply.
    It is our intention to establish positive and fruitful partnerships with experts and organizations that will lead to disruptive innovations to improve the lives of consumers, contributing to a healthier and cleaner world.
  6. Our preferred relationship: Collaboration, Joint Development, Research Partner, License
  7. Our Timeline
    • July 10, 2023 Challenge opens to proposals
    • September 7, 2023 Challenge closes, proposals no longer accepted