Natural Powdered Sweeteners

Due: April 7, 2023

Mondelez, the global snack and beverage company, is interested in revolutionizing their powdered beverage brands by removing sugar and artificial sweeteners. The food company has explored numerous sweetener alternatives and flavor modifiers including carob extracts, miraculin, monk fruit and others. These options have presented issues with availability, handling, or performance. Consequently, Mondelez is seeking innovative new natural substances that can be powdered and function as sweetener.
Proposed ingredients should be:

  • Derived from natural sources
  • Shelf stable
  • Currently or potentially available in powder format
  • Soluble in water
  • Clean label friendly
  • Sustainably sourced

Mondelez is interested in ingredient solutions which can deliver performance comparable to the sensorial profile of conventionally sweetened beverages.

Approaches should not be designated as sugar or sweeteners. Additionally, while sugar can also function as a bulking agent in some food products, it is not required that proposed ingredients possess such functionality.

Ingredients which are at or near commercial readiness are of greatest interest though less mature technologies will still be considered. Ideally, proposed solutions will be able to demonstrate proof of principle within 12 months. Longer development times may also be considered if the proposed ingredient offers other advantages such increased availability or ease of use.

The goal of this sprint is to facilitate contact and interactions between the Sprint sponsor and commercial entities (including Start-ups) or technology developers or research organization/university in this space. Submissions from all viable subject matter experts are of interest including those from academia and commercial entities.