US Army Contracts Next Generation Infantry Weapons, Enables Farther Range and Predictive Shooting

Source: General Dynamics

Vortex Optics subsidiary Sheltered Wings has received a contract from the U.S. Army for a new, futuristic scope for its next-generation infantry weapons.  The Next-Generation Squad Weapons—Fire Control (NGSW-FC) enables soldiers to shoot effectively at even farther ranges by predicting the path of a bullet before the trigger is pulled. 

“The NGSW-FC system is a ruggedized fire control that increases accuracy and lethality for the Close Combat Force. It integrates a number of advanced technologies, including a variable magnification optic, backup etched reticle, laser rangefinder, ballistic calculator, atmospheric sensor suite, compass, Intra-Soldier Wireless, visible and infrared aiming lasers, and a digital display overlay,” according to a release from the Army’s Cross Functional Team-Soldier Lethality.

The NGSW-FC will replace the close combat optic, rifle combat optic and machine gun optic. It may be used on the M4A1 carbines currently in use, but is primarily intended for the new Next-Generation Squad Weapons—Rifle (NGSW-R) and Next-Generation Squad Weapons—Automatic Rifle (NGSW-AR), which are due to be selected later this year. The NGSW program was designed to replace the current standard rifle and squad machine gun.

NGSW-FC functions as a computer atop the weapon, calculating range, ballistics, atmospherics, directional information, digital overlay, and includes wireless features to link to devices such as the still-developing Integrated Visual Augmentation System, an advanced goggle currently under development.

The contract is for up to 250,000 optics, potentially worth US$2.7 billion and also includes “fire controls, supporting accessories, contractor support, spare parts, repairs, and engineering efforts.”