Collins Aerospace Unveils Handheld Underwater Diver Navigation System

Source: Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace – a Raytheon subsidiary – unveiled a new military underwater navigation system – the Military Underwater Navigation System with M-Code (MUNS-M) – designed as a handheld diver navigation system. The system provides accurate and precise positioning, and also integrates secure anti-jamming capabilities during deep-sea missions.

MUNS-M integrates M-Code – the military Global Positioning System (GPS) signal – required by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) for military operations. The M-Code is designed to enhance position, navigation, and timing (PNT) capabilities. The new system also incorporates a Selective Availability Anti-spoofing Module (SAASM) with Y-Code and C/A-Code functionality, to improve resistance to existing and emerging threats to GPS – such as jamming and spoofing. 

The MUNS-M system was developed in partnership with Blue-Print Subsea, a UK-based company which manufactures a range of handheld underwater devices which aid in search-and-rescue operations and locate objects on the seafloor.

“Military divers face dangerous, complex underwater navigation objectives that require precise positioning and secure anti-jamming capabilities,” said Adam Atkins, principal account manager, Mission Systems. “Our new MUNS-M system is specifically designed to meet the needs of the military diver community and perform in demanding combat environments.”