US Air Force Contracts Descartes Labs For Real-Time Analytics, Moving Target Indication Data

Descartes Labs Inc. – a spinoff company from Los Alamos National Laboratory – has received a $2.2 million US contract from The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to generate real-time analytics with a focus on developing moving target indication data. The contract was generated by AFRL’s Space Technology Advanced Research (STAR) program, which focuses on developing enabling technologies for space-based capabilities – including on-orbit servicing, debris management, and ground systems.

Descartes Labs plans to use its geospatial analytics platform to help the Air Force solve the challenge of generating moving target indication data for ground and airborne targets. The platform makes use of  artificial intelligence and pc imaginative and prescient to process and fuse sensor data – such as satellite imagery – for tactical use. Descartes Labs will process massive amounts of satellite and radar data through the geospatial platform, then “clean” the information to prepare it in real time for analysts and warfighters. The main target of this contract is to use the platform to assist the Air Drive resolve the problem of producing transferring goal indication knowledge for floor and airborne targets. It is expected that access to the Descartes Labs Platform will increase operational speed and effectiveness across all levels of the Air Force.

“Through the implementation of multi-sensor analytics, the Air Force is creating a forward-thinking state-of-the-art national security system,” Mike Warren, Descartes Labs co-founder and chief technology officer, said. “Through increasing use of diverse types of data, the Air Force is laying the groundwork to solve tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance problems now and in the future.”