SkyWatch Awarded Contract to Complete Phase I of AI and Big Data Analytics for Advanced Autonomous Space Systems Challenge

SkyWatch has been awarded a $156K CD (~$118K US) contract from the Innovative Solutions Canada program via the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to complete Phase I of the Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics for Advanced Autonomous Space Systems challenge. During this phase of the project, SkyWatch will work with the CSA to develop and deliver a system concept that aims to demonstrate the technical feasibility and commercial potential of applying artificial intelligence and big data analytics to data collected from multiple space missions by the CSA.

According to the CSA, the challenge SkyWatch is trying to meet “is to apply artificial intelligence and big data analytics to bring tangible advancements in the operation and utilization of space assets in support of government operations, public safety, public health and discovery.” These methods could enable autonomous prediction of natural or man-made disasters and lead to the transition from reactionary imaging in response to crises to new services in predicting and preventing disasters (including fires, floods, disease out-break, space weather events, etc.).

SkyWatch will have access to a variety of data repositories including the Government of Canada Open Data Portal; the National Earth Observation Data Framework Catalogue (NEODF); the NASA Open Data Portal; theCanadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC); the Minor Planet Centre; the USGS Landsat Global Archive; and, the Copernicus Open Access Hub.

“SkyWatch’s team of engineers has been working successfully for many years now at combining data from multiple Earth observation missions to help a variety of companies and organizations derive new insights from these datasets,” said James Slifierz, CEO of SkyWatch. “We look forward to continuing our close relationship with the Canadian Space Agency on this important new project that would enable the agency to better utilize their fleet of imaging satellites.”

The Innovative Solutions Canada program is designed so that the government is the first customer of new innovative products.