US Army To Invest $100M On Transportable Tactical Command Communications Annually Through 2025

The US Army plans to invest more than $100 million on its Transportable Tactical Command Communications (T2C2) program each year through 2025. The T2C2 provides satellite capability to detachments and teams operating in remote locations without network infrastructure. The man-portable T2C2 Lite (V1) version can carried by one soldier, with rapid set up and provides satellite capability to small detachments and teams whereas the T2C2 Heavy (V2) version provides a high-bandwidth tactical network extension for small companies and small forward operating bases.

PacStar, a developer and supplier of advanced communications solutions for commercial, industrial and defense markets, will be producing its 400-Series small form factor (SFF) tactical and deploy-able communications modules which provide baseband networking for the T2C2 program’s Lite and Heavy systems.

“PacStar has a long and successful track record of delivering innovative, state-of-the-art tactical networking gear to military and civilian organizations,” said Peggy Miller, chief executive officer, PacStar. “The U.S. Army’s selection of PacStar for the T2C2 program validates the savings in SWaP and modularity of our designs. It also underscores our commitment to quality, responsive technical support and significant investment in ongoing product advancement.”

Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS) will provide its GATR satellite antenna systems. “Our team has worked very hard to ensure that our GATR satellite systems offer transportability, high-bandwidth capabilities and ease of set up for Army units as they go into battle,” said Mike Twyman, president of Cubic Mission Solutions. “Our expeditionary solutions will provide confidence and peace of mind for our customers’ next missions. We are proud to continue our work with the U.S. Army on T2C2 to ensure its mission readiness now and into the future.”