TRU Simulation + Training Will Work With Copa Airlines On Full Flight Simulator

TRU Simulation + Training has signed an agreement with Copa Airlines to provide a Boeing 737 MAX Full Flight Simulator (FFS) and has also recently announced that it would be providing another simulator in mid 2018 to Icelandair at its flight training center in Reykjavík, Iceland. The FFS features high-fidelity simulation software based on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and vendor data, an aircraft options editor that can support multiple aircraft configuration options, and utilizes innovative technology solutions such as TRU Horizon to integrate into the Boeing Simulator Package (BSP).

“TRU is excited to partner once again with Copa Airlines to provide an industry-leading training solution to their fast-growing pilot team. We are very pleased to see the continued success, safety and cost benefits the 737 NG FFS has brought to their training program,” commented George Karam, vice president and general manager of TRU’s Air Transport Simulation Division.

Earlier this year, TRU received interim Level C qualification of the FFS at the Boeing Training Campus in Miami.

“Copa Airlines trusts the high-fidelity training products and support provided by members of the TRU Simulation + Training team.  It is great to work with TRU again as they provide us this 737-9 device,” said Captain Pedro Herrera, training senior manager. “When working with TRU, the end result is always well-prepared pilots who provide a top-notch, reliable flight experience to our customers.”