Colombian Air Force Inaugurates Elbit Systems Enabled Mission Training Center

Elbit Systems Ltd. – an Israel-based international defense electronics company – recently inaugurated an interconnected, multi-cockpit Mission Training Center (MTC) for the Colombian Air Force. The MTC is designed to provide realistic simulated battlefield training for various types of aircraft systems to enhance all levels of pilot training. The new MTC’s design is built on the Elbit Systems’ SkyBreaker MTC concept, which implements the “train as you fight” concept by enabling training in the actual mission area under live combat engagement rules, ensuring maximum safety.

The new center includes Blue Cockpit Stations – roll-in/roll-out cockpits, allowing several aircraft types training, with accurate simulation of all aircraft’s systems, avionics and weapons; a combat control station; red cockpit stations that facilitate training using large FOV display systems; mission planning/briefing stations; formation debriefing stations which allow the display and storage of training information, reports and comparative data; role player stations; and a central mission management station. The MTC uses Elbit Systems’ SkyScen, an advanced arena generator, in a fully integrated military setting.

Yoram Shmuely, General Manager of Elbit Systems aerospace division, said, “We are proud to inaugurate the MTC for the Colombian Air Force. The MTC is yet another example of Elbit Systems’ technological leadership in the training and simulation field and it attests to the growing demand for all-inclusive interconnected simulation platforms that enhance the quality of training while reducing operational costs.”