Simfav Defense Simulator Delivered to French Navy

Naval Group – a French industrial group specialized in naval defense and marine renewable energy – recently delivered its visual defense simulator ‘Simdav’ to the French Navy. Simdav is designed to facilitate effective self-defense training exercises under all types of air and surface threat, in addition to asymmetric threats such as terrorism and illegal trafficking. It can also be used to provide training to prepare and deploy small-caliber weapons.

Almost 16 meters in diameter, each of the large domes houses a mobile platform mounted on 6 cylinders allowing the simulation of roll and pitch to simulate ocean conditions. The virtual operations theater is projected onto the dome’s interior surface and allows the playing of fully-configurable exercise scenarios for crew training for different types of vessels. It is comprised of six fixed-weapon stations, three mobile-weapon stations and one command center.

Naval Group Services director Nathalie Smirnov said: “Thanks to these simulators, Naval Group will further strengthen its capacity to adapt to the needs of the French Navy to support them in the acquisition and maintenance of very specific operational skills.”