Fort Hood Constructs New Mission Training Complex

Construction of a new mission training complex (MTC) has begun at Fort Hood, Texas, consolidating the current ten training facilities that make up the current mission training complex. The project was prompted by the need for size and space for the computers and simulations the Army currently uses in training.

The MTC will provide holistic and realistic command training in addition to serving as the hub for mission training for Fort Riley, Kansas; Fort Carson, Colorado; and Fort Sill, Oklahoma. It will also serve the Marines, Navy, National Guard, Reserves and the Air Force for their combat and leader simulation training needs. The new facilities will have the capacity to train the entire corps headquarters with its subordinate divisions at one time, or train multiple battalions and brigades simultaneously.

Brian Dosa, the Fort Hood Director of Public Works, pointed out that the use of virtual training saves money by eliminating the need to constantly take soldiers out in the field. “We’d have to take all of our soldiers out to the field and it would be very, very expensive to do, so we can use simulation to train leaders right here in this new facility when it’s constructed and that will save lots of time and lots of money to get them the kind of training that they need,” Dosa said.

“This new venue will encompass 143,481 square feet, and this will consolidate the footprint into one central unified area and will replace seven of those smaller buildings,” Major General Doug Chalmers, the III Corps deputy commanding general for support said. “That would increase the quality, capacity and capability of the mission command training as it continues to provide world-class and world-leading training. It is very much an investment into the future as this kind of training becomes more and more important to build among multi-domain teams.”