Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) Catalyst Community

The MOSA Catalyst Community represents stakeholders from across the modular open systems landscape, including: XX, XX, XX, and XX. Tracking the priorities of the federal government, this community exists to anticipate and respond to the nation’s most critical innovation needs.

Areas of Interest:

  • Aviation Mission Computing Environment (AMCE)
  • Aircraft Survivability Equipment (ASE)
  • Comms, Datalinks, and Controls (CDC)
  • Degraded Visual Environment (DVE)
  • Digital Backbone (DB)
  • Electrical Power Systems (EPS)
  • Integrated Mission Planning Airspace Control Tools (IMPACT)
  • Large Area Display (LAD)
  • Link 16 & C5ISR
  • Major System Component Level Specifications (AMCE, ASE, CDC, DVE, etc.)
  • Navigation
  • Uncrewed Vehicle Control (UVC)

What We Do:

Who Can Join:

  • Innovators representing cutting edge air mobility solutions (hardware and software)
  • XX
  • XX
  • XX

Membership is free for all. Make history, and join us today!