New Ultra Shock Absorbing Super Padding

February 12, 2024 0

Engineers at the University of Colorado of Boulder and Sandia National Laboratories have developed a new design for padding that can better withstand strong impacts than conventional materials. The new padding could be used wherever Read More

Graphene Makes The Grade For Use In Semiconductors

February 8, 2024 0

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology developed a functional semiconductor made from graphene. Their new semiconductor is compatible with conventional microelectronics processing methods, which was a requirement for any viable alternative to the use Read More

Battery Free Sensors

February 7, 2024 0

Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a new type of mechanical sensor that could eliminate the need for batteries to power sensors that require a constant supply of power. Their new sensor is powered by Read More

Cigarette Waste Gets Put To Good Use

January 25, 2024 0

Biodiesel offers a promising solution to the need for cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels, but the high cost of biodiesel production and potential pollution from biomass sources have prevented its widespread use. Now, researchers at Read More

Aqueous Rechargeable Batteries Are Here

January 22, 2024 0

A research team at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) has developed a very safe, aqueous, rechargeable battery, advancing the possibility of commercializing the technology. Aqueous rechargeable batteries – which use low-cost and Read More

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