Advanced Manufacturing In Space


Advanced Manufacturing In Space Catalyst Community

The Advanced Manufacturing In Space Catalyst Community aims to foster a collaborative, inclusive, and sustainable ecosystem for manufacturing activities in space. This community unites partners from various sectors, including additive manufacturing, biomanufacturing, and microelectronics, to drive innovation and success in both in-space and terrestrial applications. By aligning with U.S. national priority areas, we bridge the gap between public and private sector organizations, facilitating advancements that will redefine manufacturing in the final frontier.




  • Advanced Materials
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Biomanufacturing
  • Crystal Production
  • ISAM and Autonomy
  • Microelectronics
  • Testing and Validation



Benefits of Membership


Exclusive Webinars


Opportunity Awareness


Respond to Federal Priorities


Anticipate National Challenges


Convene Innovators


Discounted Event Access



Who Can Join:

  • Organizations with novel use cases for microgravity
  • Startup companies and early-stage innovators
  • Commercial space ventures
  • Academic institutions & research labs
  • Advanced manufacturing, process & tooling providers

Membership is free for all. Make history, and join us today!

Paul Dudley, Executive Chair, Advanced Manufacturing in Space Catalyst Community; Vice President of Business Development and Communications, Advanced Technology International (ATI)

Jonathan Jakischa, Chair, Advanced Manufacturing in Space Catalyst Community; Senior Manager of Open Innovation Programs, TechConnect, Advanced Technology International (ATI)


Advanced manufacturing in Space Symposium Series June 17-19, 2024, National Harbor